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I took a snapshot of my contribution to Wikipedia just in case it is taken down. I chose to revise and add more information about my native popular dish–Pho. There has been much debate on what constitutes this main dish and the styles that it may vary from location. Since my mom is from North Vietnam and my father is from the South, I was educated on the differences of Pho according to regions.

What I contributed was small but precise. I just explained the differences in meat-based Pho broth and chicken-based Pho broth including the differences in side dishes when going to a Korean owned Pho restaurant. Chicken-based Pho broth takes a much shorter time to cook compared to the meat-based since the meat-based broth has to soak in. Since I live close to Koreatown, I also see the differences in taste and cultural activity. Koreans like their Pho much more spicy. Almost 95% of Pho restaurants in California use thin noodles for their Pho because it is a Southern style everyone adopted to. Near the end of the “Styles of pho” section, I edited the detail that egg noodles and fat rice noodles are usually used in Northern Vietnam.

ScribeFire on Slideshare

May 5, 2008

I feel I have reached my full-circle goal of this course in that I have found a tool that would have helped me tremendously with this upper division technology course. There wasn’t much I could explain visually about this application but just the basics.

On the first information slide is just the background information about the application. There wasn’t much background, only on who created it and how many versions they’ve came out with. They also have a blog connected to the site to talk about updates. This is an add-on from Firefox so most of the background is about Firefox.

The following slides are just my own commentary on why this application is good for what we’ve learned throughout the class. The discussion continues to why it helps my practice and how it is a very convenient tool for this class if they released the application earlier.

On the next few slides, I go on to explain the process of using the application in the first few seatings. For example, when stumbling on a page, how to instantly start blogging without leaving the page. There are also modes of saving the content and continuing later or simply just publishing the post directly on your blog. I then proceed to talk about the more detailed tools that can be useful to blogging practices. Such tools are being acquainted with the social bookmarking techniques we learned in class and sharing it with other people or just simply bookmarking technques using ScribeFire.

I end the slide with some commentary on how it could be a useful tool for people in the class to continue writing their blogs and how I’m sure Christopher Finke will work to make this application even more better than it already is. “Too much of a good thing”

May 5, 2008

I don’t have that much of a short attention span, but I’m positive I don’t have much of a long attention span. This slide created for JISC Next Generation Environments Conference, 2008, is a short and sweet presentation that gets the idea across. The powerpoint isn’t too text heavy or too picture heavy. On each slide there is no more than a sentence to really reflect the the message. With the message, there is no more than one picture to represent the message or add humor to the message.

What I’ve notice by browsing all the slides is that most of these major companies have high resolution images for their powerpoints which makes everything visually pleasing. What I’ve also noticed is that with most of the slides, they also create light opacity text boxes to write their texts. This technique makes text easier to read when it is accompanied by an image. This slide has all of these elements, thus making it easy to follow and making it an attention grabber.

What struck most of my interest with this powerpoint is that the message it correlated with this course. This course has really put technology as an important aspect in my life. The powerpoint reflects on how important it is to try and adapt the the changes in new technology. The slides help keep a positive light on technology and to encourage adaptation of technology in ones life. Afterall, the subtitle of the powerpoint says “Institutional & Individual Responses to Emerging Technologies” The message is important and clearly conveyed across 21 slides. I give this powerpoint a triple thumbs up.

Functioning ScribeFire

May 5, 2008


The purpose of most Mozilla Firefox add-on’s is to make things easy and functional for most non tech-savvy individuals. The ScribeFire add-on is as easy as their other applications. The best thing about using this add-on is that I don’t have to register for any account or subscription–it is a simple add and download.


To get started, visit and simply click on download now. Once the download is complete, a little yellow paper icon will appear on the bottom left corner of the browser. Click the icon and you will see the application pop-up onto your browser. Like I mentioned, there is no registration process. However, when first using this application, you have to put in the information of your blog (username, password and blog site). This will locate all the information from your blog and load it into the ScribeFire application.

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Paper #1

April 30, 2008

Hello Art World and Beyond!

Wendy Lam’s — Bobby S.

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The best part about ScribeFire is the fact that I’m writing this entry while simultaneously having the ScribeFire page opened on my browser.
Forget the crazy clicking and trying to figure out all the tabs I’m going through browsing — ScribeFire lives right on my browser so I don’t have to click back and forth through tabs. I no longer have to copy and paste my entries, I can just select and drop (this is the same for images too!)

This makes blogging much less laborious and much faster to communicate ideas and thoughts. The application directly links to my WordPress account and lists all the entries I have to be able to edit. If you have more than one blog, it could load multiple blogs also! Just like Zotero, another Mozilla add-on, there is an icon at the bottom right of my browser. If I ever stumble upon something striking or interesting and have the urge to write about it, I simply click the icon and create a new entry or a note. I can also simply press F8 (fn+F8 for Mac users) if I want to start a new post or note. This entry will then save as a draft or note for me to get back to later.

Other features include the same tools that edublogs use for their entries. This makes formatting easy for me and adding visuals more convenient. They even have a YouTube and Flikr tool icon!


The application also has other icons that Edublogs doesn’t have like wrapping texts for pictures. I could wrap justified left or justified right to make my blog aesthetically wonderful.

This is great for my discipline because I read a variety of blog articles daily and I don’t have the patience to put in the energy to load up my edublogs site. It always bothered me to flip back and forth to make reference to topics, but having the ScribeFire icon on the bottom corner makes it more available. Ironically, I found this application through reading the Kitsunenoir blogsite. Keeping up with blogging is hard–let alone the art and culture field I am interested in. I need to writing about the subjects immediately before they die out. If I communicate the art and culture news faster, my blog will gain more authority and more popularity. Having this application is wonderful for my practice because it increases the amount of posts on my blogsite.

Every time I venture into the Web 2.0 world, I find more and more ways to shortcut my habits to make things less complicated. I can accomplish much more and find application to contain all the good content I find. The best of this all is making visual representation easier. ScribFire helps me exemplify my enthusiasm for the content I find by providing a vehicle for me to present my enthusiasm. Being that I am also a person with short attention span, I am easily distracted by links and pictures. ScribeFire also has tabbed editing for different post topics so I can open multiple posts or notes at the same time. There are also ways for me to share my posts through and other social bookmarking sites.

The only negative thing about this application is that it doesn’t live on the web and cannot be saved and opened from any computer. However, if you start the draft on your blogs website, ScribeFire will pick it up and permanently save it on the web application the next time you install the add-on on a different computer. If someone were to start a blog post from the application, the post won’t be able to live on the web, only on your personal computer.

The website seems to indicate that the application was produced around July 2007 by creater Christopher Finke. ScribeFire1.4.1 was released with different options than the 2.0 I am using now. As time progressed, 1.4.2 – 1.4.8 was released, reaching 2.0 yesterday. Looking at the blog for the site, they seem to progressive effectively to improve the program. They rely on user feedback which creates a brighter future for this application.

The baddest BAAGZ

April 21, 2008


So I changed my mind, maybe Searchme is good for just simple searches, but the BAAGZ application is where the fun and organization comes in. I’m a major fan of Pageflakes, because it’s a great way to organize updates and RSS feeds. As I mentioned before, I’m a very visual learner and thus makig BAAGZ one of my favorite applications.

The application allows me to manage and organize my web content in a very personal and aesthetically pleasing way. The agenda of the program is to be able to:

BAAGZ is designed to allow you to discover content on the Web and organize it through customized, visual bookmarks. More important, BAAGZ fosters a collaborative environment where you can connect with others on the Web who share similar interests – whether it be hobbies, travel, music or news –and enhance this content with new ideas, in effect contributing to the expansion of the Web.

The application came out Fall 2007 from the French Web and enterprise search company Exalead has worked from Private Beta to Public Beta over the year. ( It claims to be ‘the first service to bring together semantic search and social networking in a powerful, yet simple, consumer-friendly experience.’ This is another social networking site made for people and ran by people. I personally use it as a private tool because the user base is small. Like Pageflakes, I am able to make things public of private. The search bar is what makes it unique and available to bookmark easily through one click.

What makes it different from other applications is that you can place your favorite Youtube videos and play it on one of your bags. It’s easy to organize your interests like News, Fitness and Art. Another favorite part of the application is that every time I copy a link into a bag, it takes a screen capture of the website.

Browsing minus the surprises

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In a world of digital technology, we get more impatient about pages loading and realizing it’s not what we’re looking for. Having been familiar with Avid computers, I always loved browsing the Internet with two desktop screens — it just makes things easier. What I’ve found that can closely resemble my fish eye browsing techniques is the Searchme tool.

What this search engine basically does is that it visually display the pages in our search. For example if I search “art toys” I could visually see the search results that come up without any non-office friendly surprises. Hence their slogan “You’ll know it, when you see it”. Like the iTunes album browser, the horizontal scroll bar helps browse through pages with miniature previews so I wouldn’t have to waste my time on clicking and closing or clicking and back tracking. What I search– I will see, there is no time wasted. This search engine makes what I’m looking for… literally, what I’m looking for.


Just like Google, I can search whatever I’m looking for under categories, which also makes it super convenient. But the little touch that makes it distinct is that if I start typing letters, the categories start to minimize themselves. The system guesses what you’re looking for and places them into prospective categories that will help narrow your search. This is a great tool for my research and field because because not only is it perfect for me because I’m a visual learner, but it enables me to see multiple internet pages at once to pick up the pace of searching items or news.

Fashion Lineage

April 7, 2008


As we hit the early years of the 21st century, creative thinking and design start to become recycled, blended, regurgitated and influenced from past artists. Originality starts to become extremely rare as the creative field becomes more and more competitive and the ability to start your own business is a mouse click away. For example, Chris Benz line (shown above) is a great example of using 50s, 60s and 70s inspired trends to create a style of his own. In an article by Christine Barberich on, her interview displays his thought process on how he came to create his first line–adding pictures, photos, and collection of items he finds in his spare time on a wall.


From this visual example of his inspirations, we can see that there are a lot of inspirations that spring from past trends and/or advertisements.

Looking at fashion, we begin to see the same recycled images we see in art. At times it is done well and at most times it is not. However, what is interesting about todays Fashion is that just because the price of a shirt is high, doesn’t mean that it is a high-fashion commodity. The birth of expensive streetwear is becoming very prominent in the fashion world. A simple Nike limited edition sneaker could cost just as much as a Versace dress made for Nicole Kidman. Street fashion has now become a growing economy-feeding culture next to the sophisticated fashion pioneers of haute couture.


I recently visited the RIF sneaker store in Little Tokyo and was in awe by the prices labeled on their limited edition shoes. These Air Jordan VII are going for $600 next to many other collectable Air Jordans in the store. This item next to the other 22 Michael Jordan shoe releases that come out every blue moon. You must be thinking $600 for shoes? Well, to parallel, I wouldn’t pay $600 for a Louis Vuitton bag either. However, this is a very common trend rapidly rising in our youth culture.

And as I read more blogs, I realize that there is a huge crossover with high-fashion designers with streetwear brands, high-fashion designers with big retailers like H&M, and corporate designers producing more personal independent lines to match the current street fashion buzz.

The easiest forms of art

March 12, 2008

What I find particularly common in my pageflakes is the overuse of graphic design and photography. I’ll admit, theses mediums are great but at the same time, there are such an overwhelming amount that it’s hard to filter out what is good and what is bad.

Take for example Kitsunenoirs Wallpaper project his graphic designs are very characteristic of his blog and show his personality and career path. In contrast, there is the blog “It’s Nice That” that has an overwhelming amount of photographers featured on their website. Though I don’t blame their creative eye, at times photography themes seem overdone. There are always obscure and desolate portraits of everyday life. There are some that I can come to appreciate, but at the same time they become generic. This also follows the same for the graphic designs, it is either too much or too generic.

As for the fashion blogs, I see an overload of the use of bright colors. The trends in clothing start to become an assortment of candy straight from the Sweet Factory. Since I’m such an earth tone/ neutral color lover, I find the bright colored tones and themes to be exhausting to my eye. Being an Art History major, I also see a lot of urban design frequent in many of the websites. I have a great appreciation for the type of art, but many of the times, I don’t see the conceptual themes relevant to the product collaborations. However, I understand there are collaborations of high end fashion and street fashion that are great juxtapositions.

There are many different types of regular items I see on blogs and it could be summarized by bright colors in graphic design, desolate images in photography and the cross of urban art in pop culture. I find these forms saturated but at the same time I could understand how it is easy for a wider audience to like.

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